Swing Easel Tutorial

Last week I posted this card up on my blog - A Swing Easel Card
I also shared it on a Cardmaking Facebook Group (Join HERE) - the members were lovely & gave me lots of likes & comments. One member asked for a tutorial on how I made the card ... so here I will give you some steps on how to make it (this is my interpretation of this card) 

What you will need for basic card template:
A 8x8 inch Card (pre-scored) & a little extra white card
A Paper Trimmer / Craft Knife
Double Side Tape / Glue 
Scoring Blade

1. Take your 8x8 inch pre-scored card, make sure the fold is at the top. On each of the sides measure out in light pencil 3.5cms. (if you mark lightly with a pencil this can be rubbed out later)

2. At the bottom end of the card measure 2.8cms.

3. To the top of the card (nearest the fold) measure 2.5cm (Remember all these measurements can be changed to suit the card stock & toppers you are using)

This is the front of your 8x8 inch card. If your not buying the card from a pre-scored pack the mesurement for your cardstock would be; Length 16" & Width 8"

4. Now with either your paper trimmer or craft knife cut along three of the marked line - the top (nearest to the fold) & the two sides. DO NOT cut the bottom line. 

5. Above your bottom line within' the square you've just cut, measure out 1.6cms for a fold line. Score along both the bottom line & the new score line this should create a valley step. Once you have folded this, now fold the card in half & score - your card should look like this (don't worry if if doesn't it took me a few attempts):

6. Now cut a piece of white card 2cms x 19.5 cm. This will be stuck on the inside of the card behind the square you have just cut. This helps to strengthen the card which swings & so the square doesn't flop when stood up. From the back it will look like this:

7. Now it's time for the fun bit to decorate your card!

We hope you have enjoy this tutorial - if you have any questions please comment below & please do share you finished card with us on our facebook page - we'd love to see what you've done