Finding Inspiration: Drawing Challenge

Lately I have been struggling with a little creative block - which happens to us all sometimes. I feel like I have so many idea's but just don't know where to start, a little like having a web browser open with about 20 different tabs.

I've been trying to focus my mind, so I can come up with new digi stamp and digital paper designs. Looking around for inspiration I came across the 30 Day Drawing Challenges on Pinterests and Blogs - so I've decided to make my own up, mixing some of the subjects I found on some of the challenges I saw and coming up with my own!

If you love drawing I'd love it if you joined in with me - only as I don't have time to sit down everyday to draw (with work and home life commitments) I'm going to make my challenge more of a weekly challenge, rather than daily.

So here is our list of projects:

We've already started with Fruit!
I love strawberries and the always say draw something you love so here is where I started
I started a new sketchbook but didn't start on the first page, it's a little daunting open a new sketch pad & drawing on the first page.

I've also divided the page into section - I found some of these tips from a youtube video I watched:

I'm going to really try to stick to this challenge and we will keep you up to date on our blog on our progress plus we will hopefully develop some fab digi stamps and papers from this process.